What is Mirissa?

Mirissa is a concept inspired by the combination of the passion for travel and the enjoyment of well-being at home. It is to be able to perceive the essence of another part of the world, discover other cultures and live experiences from home.

My name is Maria, and for as long as I can remember, I love to travel. I love to delve into other ways of life and fill that adventurous spirit. Through this project I would like to share part of other cultures so everyone who wants to, can experience the sensations and emotions that you feel when traveling. Instead of displacing you, I want to bring a small part of that culture to your home so you can enjoy it too.

Our Values

We offer handmade products made by artisans or in small local factories. We support small businesses, we give priority to the quality of the products to keep them with you for many years and to their authenticity, to take you back to their origin. In addition, we believe in a more sustainable world, so we do not use plastic in the packaging and we send the goods to our warehouse by ship, which although it takes a little longer to arrive, it is more environmentally friendly than other forms of shipping.



Our Mission

Mirissa’s mission is to support and promote local crafts and small businesses. We give visibility and support to ensure that it does not disappear and that many people can continue living from their passion.



How do we support sustainability? 

Plastic-free packaging

Plantable hangtags


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